Five Ways to Resurrect Yourself After Burning Out

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Sometimes life just gets to be too much. In those times, we have to rely on resilience, even when there's no light to be found.

Resurrection requires resilience, and sometimes burnout touches your life, causing you to question who you are, what you're doing on the earth, and what you can possibly contribute to life. If you can't relate, that's great for you. However, this is an article for those of us who need to know how to resurrect ourselves from the ashes.

The story of the phoenix, an ancient myth, can teach us about hope, personal power, and resurrection. Perhaps that's why we still know the story, one that comes from a time before the written word, when stories were told by shamans, medicine people, and griots. They knew much that the modern person has learned to scoff at and disregard, to our own peril. With the impermanent nature of existence, bursting into flames is often forced upon us; we lose people, things, and concepts like self-control and self-reliance, becoming inert without a hint of the animating spark that brought us into being.

Like the mythical bird, sometimes life requires that we use personal power to rebuild ourselves- bone, blood, sinew, feathers, and all- in order to keep going toward our purpose and happiness.

Here are five ways to resurrect yourself after burning out:


Always remember to breathe. Let the air you take in give you the energy for a clear mind. Being able to breathe mindfully contributes to grounding, which is essential to your resurrection.


Ground yourself. There are many methods you can use to do this, but it is essential that you come into the present moment when in a state of burnout. One of my favorite methods involves using my senses, naming what I can see, feel, smell, hear, and touch to bring me back to the present moment. Showers are also great for grounding.


Center yourself in who you are and who you want to be. Within each of us is an inner stillness, a quiet that the world can't touch. Know that this struggle is shared by every human being, conscious or otherwise. Taking the time to come back to the center shared by all of life is key to becoming brand new.


Please remember that you are not alone in this struggle. In our current age, we have so many examples of how we might be doing life "wrong"; social media platforms are full of people showing off their highlight reels while you know the down and dirty aspects of your life. In comparing, it's easy to forget that you have no idea of what's really going on in the lives of those social media influencers you compare yourself to. There's an old saying that if you gathered everyone up, influential, successful, or otherwise and told everyone to put their problems in a pile, you'd hurry to snatch yours back because others' troubles are too overwhelming. Remember that the only person you can really compare yourself to is yourself.

Even Beyonce goes through this.


Celebrate your life. You are a unique expression of divinity, even as an ordinary human being. That, in itself, is something worth celebrating...even if it doesn't feel that way, at all. Celebrate all of the things that make you whole, that inspire you to keep yourself going. Maybe that's a loved one, a life mission, or even your favorite song. Celebrate yourself for making it through life this long.

You've just read five ways to resurrect your inner light when burnout comes into your life. What do you think?

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